Spicy Hare or Rabbit SiChuan style

Who would have guessed by exchanging food ingredients, having a great coffee talk I would end up joining several wild game groups here in The Netherlands. My curiosity has introduced me to otherwise unknown enthusiastic wild game gourmets of cooks and hunters. After a short hesitant period, I ended up buying a wild rabbit or hare

Unboxing Instant Pot DUO 7-1

The latest new cooking gadget Instant Pot, is conquering a growing number of kitchen counters literally all over the world. Raving reviews from very happy home cooks, enthusiastically cooking up a storm of dishes done within 30-45 minutes. It piqued my interest to join the newsfeed of a thriving FB Instant Pot® Community, where members enthusiastically swap

Chinese braised oxtail in Instant Pot

Chinese braised oxtail dish, prepared in the Instant Pot a fantastic new tool in my kitchen. This appliance really has cut down the cooking time impressively compared to a Dutch oven on the stovetop and/or oven technique. Only slow-braising in the slow cooker could be an equal in flavor but definitely not a time-saver. The

Rocky Road treats

Over time I have enjoyed many styles of Rocky Roads prepared with various ingredients, you’ll often see recipes

Hainan Chicken rice step-by-step

Hainan Chicken Rice step-by-step photo overview, for making Hainan Chicken Rice recipe click on the link. Buy fresh

Chinese stock methods and variations

It starts with fresh poultry, buy a good supermarket Chicken but if you like to go for more

Rap and eat Lanzhou La Mian

Spontaneous post on the famous Lanzhou La Mian handpulled noodles; which is a type of noodle made by stretching,

2015 Taiwan hot springs and fine cuisine

Having lived in TienMu, Peitou and TanShui, the nearby Hot Springs were frequently visited by our family. It’s

Thai red curry mussels, stir-fried & steamed

Easy week meal, quick, healthy and tasty shellfish in a velvety Thai red curry sauce. In the fridge